We undertake extension projects of all kinds, either to maximize your living or office space or to increase the resale value of your home. The photos below show just a few of the projects we have undertaken. Our experience in building extensions allows us to be cost effective and confident in our schedules by being able to anticipate and plan for any difficulties that may arise.


These pictures show the building of an extension, with the first picture showing the foundations being excavated.

In the second picture the footings can be seen, showing the cavity wall structure.  Your new extension will fully comply with current regulations, including heat insulation in floors, walls, windows and roof, so you can be sure that it will be as warm and comfortable as the rest of your property.


Best quality materials are used, as exemplified by this massive I-beam shown ready for installation in the third picture.

At this stage progress is rapid.  With the walls constructed.  You can now visualise the amount of extra space that the extension will provide.


The extension is now less of a building site and more of a home.   The roof is on and the new windows installed.  A new patio area has been created, accessed by much larger french windows letting in plenty of light for the larger interior.